Keep smiling :)))

Its all about peace, love and happiness xxx


My dad heard me telling my sister to eat poo he turned around and says “boushra are you still 4 years old” yes dad i am soz man

I look like poo in a white scarf hate it!!!

Guys what colour hijab would look cute with a black and white cardi (avoiding black and white scarves!!!!11)

lilreem 😩😩 i haven’t found one yet

I remember my sister back in Algeria 2k10 fancied this guy from the aeroplane and wrote a fb status about him i cried tears she was only 12

Its sad ill be stuck at this height foreva till about 60 when u start to get shorter im going to be a 4ft wrinkly granny im dyin

lilreem YESSS looooooool when he says that i cant keep a straight face aby is so funny when he is angry

Why is it when ur dad shouts at u he expects u to be smiling around with flowers lmao u made me upset i will act upset dad ok

The only reason i want uni to start is for that buff student finance to walk into my bank account i do miss u £££££